SanDisk launches new iNAND 7232, could make 16GB smartphones a thing of the past

New storage standards from SanDisk could finally kill the 16GB minimum on mobile phones, ushering in a new age of creamy 32GB delight.

Microsoft Windows 10 PCs will be in stores on launch day; Nadella pushes Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Home and Mobile
Microsoft has hit back at reports that it would have zero availability for Windows 10 on launch day, while CEO Satya Nadella says free Windows 10 on the desktop is vital to the success of Windows 10 Mobile.

Apple reportedly fixes iTunes Match DRM problems with iTunes 12.2.1

After Apple Music launched a few weeks back, some users ran into a glitch that caused DRM-free iTunes Match songs to be mistakenly locked behind the Apple Music DRM.

Return of the search wars: The rise of contextual awareness

Search data Google
Search is still a fundamental part of the computing experience, but search is no longer just about going to a browser and entering a search term.

Rumors swirl Pebble may be in financial trouble post-Apple Watch launch

Pebble Time
Reports suggest that Pebble may be in funding trouble, despite enormous Kickstarter success and a proven track record.