Graphene-sheathed copper wires could dramatically speed future processors, cut power consumption

New research into graphene’s potential shows that it could be used to boost the performance of copper wires inside semiconductors. If true, this could clear one of the most significant bottlenecks to modern CPU performance.

Pig-snails in the sky: How Google is exploring the essence of artificial neural networks

AI dreams
The inner workings of artificial neural networks are still mysterious. Why do some work and others don’t? Google is trying to find out by pulling them apart.

Samsung’s security failures leave 600 million Android users vulnerable to simple keyboard hack

Samsung Galaxy S6
A critical new vulnerability has been discovered on Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 devices, but the state of the Android ecosystem means there’s nothing end-users can do about it (except avoid unsecured WiFi, anyway).

How AMD’s E3 event, Eve Valkyrie sold me on VR

After seeing Eve: Valkyrie’s demo at AMD’s E3 event, I’m sold on the idea of VR for gaming — provided game developers are willing to put the work in on the front end to make it happen.

AMD releases specs, pricing on Radeon Fury, showcases Project Quantum platform

At E3 this week, AMD revealed the formal specs on Fiji, its price points, and demonstrated form factors and its new concept system, dubbed Project Quantum.