OnePlus, Cyanogen call it quits, go their separate ways

Upstart phone manufacturer OnePlus (makers of the OnePlus One) and Cyanogen Inc are calling their partnership off. Future OnePlus devices will ship with its own operating system.

AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU will feature new memory interface

We now have confirmation that AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU will use a new memory interface — courtesy of the Hot Chips program guide.

Lock screen ads on Windows 10 bring us closer to a nightmarish capitalist dystopia

Windows 10 Ads
At its Build conference earlier this week, Microsoft revealed a brand new lock screen for Windows 10 — opening up PCs to the hellscape of ads that is the Xbox user interface in the process.

Diagnosing sleep apnea with smartphone apps

New diagnostic apps developed by researchers at the University of Washington and Oxford University can detect sleep apnea with almost the same accuracy as traditional and expensive lab tests.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10074 hits the fast and slow rings

Windows 10 with phone
Microsoft has renamed its Technical Preview builds to Insider Previews. And with that comes Build 10074, the latest preview ahead of the operating system’s release in late July.