AMD Radeon Fury cards debut, from the tiny R9 Nano to the water-cooled R9 Fury X

AMD announced multiple new GPUS yesterday, including upcoming dual-core models, a water-cooled single-GPU solution, and the tiny Radeon Nano — all of which promise dramatic performance and power consumption improvements over previous generation cards.

AMD updates Catalyst beta drivers, reportedly prepping new ‘Fury’ brand to take on GTX Titan

AMD has released a new set of drivers for Radeon cards and may be considering a new high-end brand for its GPUs. Will the Radeon Fury soon debut against the Titan X?

Microsoft’s new rendering research could bring better visuals to Xbox One, mobile devices

Microsoft has released a new paper that illustrates how the cloud offload rendering platform it talked about for Xbox One could actually be deployed in reality. Could we see a shipping solution use this tech during the Xbox One’s lifetime?

The Oculus Rift’s formal PC requirements are a doozy

Oculus Rift consumer version
Oculus has finally come out and set the hardware requirements for the Rift, but this VR solution isn’t happening cheap. You’re going to need some significant graphics horsepower if you want to play in virtual reality.

AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU will feature new memory interface

We now have confirmation that AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU will use a new memory interface — courtesy of the Hot Chips program guide.