Intel confirms 10nm delayed to 2017, will introduce ‘Kaby Lake’ at 14nm to fill gap

Intel has confirmed that its 10nm process will be delayed to the back half of 2017. Kaby Lake will launch in 2016, on 14nm.

Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 offers USB compatibility — at full Thunderbolt speed

Light peak 1 Thunderbolt Intel
Thunderbolt or USB 3? Thanks to Intel’s latest Alpine Ridge controller, there won’t be a need to split the difference in the future. Why settle for one when you can have both on a single piece of silicon?

Intel launches new 65W socketed Broadwell chips with supercharged graphics, 128MB L4 cache

Intel’s new socketed Broadwell processors are here, combined with a 128MB L4 cache. Intel’s Crystal Well technology shines — Chipzilla has authoritatively taken the lead on integrated graphics performance, though you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege.

The Oculus Rift’s formal PC requirements are a doozy

Oculus Rift consumer version
Oculus has finally come out and set the hardware requirements for the Rift, but this VR solution isn’t happening cheap. You’re going to need some significant graphics horsepower if you want to play in virtual reality.

IBM announces silicon photonics breakthrough, set to break 100Gb/s barrier

IBM has announced a breakthrough in silicon photonics technology — a 100Gb/s fully integrated set of optical components that could be used to link multiple components in a server. Bit by bit, silicon photonics is becoming a reality.