Windows 10 reportedly goes RTM with Build 10240, includes new Edge updates

Windows 10
The updates just keep coming for Microsoft’s Windows 10, now rumored to have rounded the corner into RTM status.

Microsoft Windows 10 PCs will be in stores on launch day; Nadella pushes Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Home and Mobile
Microsoft has hit back at reports that it would have zero availability for Windows 10 on launch day, while CEO Satya Nadella says free Windows 10 on the desktop is vital to the success of Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 ship date, OEM prices leak online: Is this OS ready to debut?

Windows 10 Build 10122
Microsoft has unveiled a July 29 target launch date for its operating system — but can the software actually be ready by then?

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10122 — and it’s a giant mess

Windows 10 Build 10122
At best, Build 10122 is a late beta that needs to be finalized in the next two to three months if Windows 10 will be released by the end of this summer. It’s not looking good.

No, Windows 10 won’t be a free upgrade for OS pirates

Microsoft has clarified its stance on non-Genuine OS versions and future upgrades to Windows 10: If you don’t have a legal copy of the OS now, Redmond isn’t going to give you one.