Pig-snails in the sky: How Google is exploring the essence of artificial neural networks

AI dreams
The inner workings of artificial neural networks are still mysterious. Why do some work and others don’t? Google is trying to find out by pulling them apart.

Return of the search wars: The rise of contextual awareness

Search data Google
Search is still a fundamental part of the computing experience, but search is no longer just about going to a browser and entering a search term.

OnePlus, Cyanogen call it quits, go their separate ways

Upstart phone manufacturer OnePlus (makers of the OnePlus One) and Cyanogen Inc are calling their partnership off. Future OnePlus devices will ship with its own operating system.

Verizon owners can finally opt out of supercookies — here’s how

Verizon has finally added the ability to opt out of its highly controversial supercookie tracking program, but the move is unlikely to satisfy privacy advocates — and it’s part of a wider trend towards comprehensive data gathering on customers.

Chromebook Pixel vs. Apple MacBook: The same, but different

Chrome Mac
Announced just days apart, the new MacBook and Chromebook Pixel appeal to different kinds of users, but they have a few things in common.