Popular Chrome VPN extension Hola at center of massive botnet attack

Popular VPN browser extension Hola has a feature users might not know about. Not only does it sell your bandwidth to third parties, that bandwidth can be hijacked and used to attack others.

Five OS X Automator tips for saving time and sanity

With every Mac sold comes a powerful little app called Automator. Here are some of our favorite Automator workflows that highlight exactly how powerful this tool is.

House overwhelmingly passes USA Freedom Act to curtail NSA data collection

The House of Representatives passed a law reforming some of the NSA’s bulk data collection practices, but critics charge that the changes don’t go nearly far enough.

Microsoft won’t enable ‘Do Not Track’ in next-gen Spartan browser

Spartan kicking Internet Explorer
Microsoft has announced that its next-generation browser will no longer ship with Do Not Track enabled. It’s the last nail in the coffin for the once-great idea — that users should be able to opt out from being tracked across the Internet.

Verizon owners can finally opt out of supercookies — here’s how

Verizon has finally added the ability to opt out of its highly controversial supercookie tracking program, but the move is unlikely to satisfy privacy advocates — and it’s part of a wider trend towards comprehensive data gathering on customers.