Intel launches new 65W socketed Broadwell chips with supercharged graphics, 128MB L4 cache

Intel’s new socketed Broadwell processors are here, combined with a 128MB L4 cache. Intel’s Crystal Well technology shines — Chipzilla has authoritatively taken the lead on integrated graphics performance, though you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 ship date, OEM prices leak online: Is this OS ready to debut?

Windows 10 Build 10122
Microsoft has unveiled a July 29 target launch date for its operating system — but can the software actually be ready by then?

Automated design process creates smallest, most efficient photonic switch ever

Photonics switch Stanford
By using an automated design algorithm, researchers at Stanford University have built the world’s smallest and most efficient silicon based photonic wavelength splitter.

Nvidia at Computex: GameWorks goes VR, G-Sync comes to mobile

NVIDIA GTX 660 graphics card
Nvidia isn’t just announcing new GPUs at Computex — it’s revealed a comprehensive plan for G-Sync and VR as well.