SanDisk launches new iNAND 7232, could make 16GB smartphones a thing of the past

New storage standards from SanDisk could finally kill the 16GB minimum on mobile phones, ushering in a new age of creamy 32GB delight.

Samsung is reportedly working on an 11K screen, claims it can create 3D illusions

Samsung says it wants to build high-resolution displays up to and including an insane 11K. Will we ever have a use for such technology?

Samsung’s security failures leave 600 million Android users vulnerable to simple keyboard hack

Samsung Galaxy S6
A critical new vulnerability has been discovered on Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 devices, but the state of the Android ecosystem means there’s nothing end-users can do about it (except avoid unsecured WiFi, anyway).

Rumors swirl Pebble may be in financial trouble post-Apple Watch launch

Pebble Time
Reports suggest that Pebble may be in funding trouble, despite enormous Kickstarter success and a proven track record.

Was GlobalFoundries to blame for AMD’s about-face on joint x86-ARM platform?

A new rumor suggests that GlobalFoundries production changes were responsible for killing AMD’s ambitious Project Skybridge. We discuss if the rumors make sense — and if it would’ve mattered either way.