Samsung’s security failures leave 600 million Android users vulnerable to simple keyboard hack

Samsung Galaxy S6
A critical new vulnerability has been discovered on Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 devices, but the state of the Android ecosystem means there’s nothing end-users can do about it (except avoid unsecured WiFi, anyway).

Rumors swirl Pebble may be in financial trouble post-Apple Watch launch

Pebble Time
Reports suggest that Pebble may be in funding trouble, despite enormous Kickstarter success and a proven track record.

Apple Watch orders delayed by faulty Chinese components

The Apple Watch apparently has a problem, and it explains why preorders have been shoved back to June.

ARM-based chip can run for ‘decades’ on one set of batteries

New Atmel microcontrollers are setting records for low power consumption with a target battery lifespan measured in decades. These are the kind of innovations that could make human-powered electronics a reality in the long-term.

Samsung is still lying about the encryption on its Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TV
Last week, Samsung claimed that the voice information captured by its newest TVs was encrypted, even if older models were still insecure. This has now been proven untrue — Samsung televisions still on the market and available for purchase are using plaintext.