For want of a nail: How hardware hijinks fracked my AMD Radeon R9 Fury testing

A touching tale of hardware evaluation and shenanigans surrounding it. Hopefully this saves someone else some hurt.

Split loyalties: Apple may pull back from Samsung chip deal due to low yields

Samsung headquarters
A new rumor suggests that Apple has pulled back 30% of its A9 orders from Samsung, opting instead to take the design to TSMC. That’s a huge blow, if true — but the timeline is hard to square with Apple’s traditional launch cycles.

Xbox One vs. PS4: How the hardware specs compare (updated for 2015)

Xbox One vs. PS4
How do the PS4 and Xbox One compare with each other in 2015? If you’re thinking about buying one of these two consoles–or just want ammunition for bragging rights–here’s what you need to know.

Moore’s Law is dead, long live Moore’s Law

Core i7-4770k close crop
Moore’s Law is dead. Moore’s Law is very much alive. As the nature of computing has changed over the past 50 years, the promises and potential of the semiconductor industry have changed as well.